Monday, September 10, 2018

PLTW Biomedical: Crime Scene Forensic Investigation

Students in the Montrose High School PLTW Biomedical Sciences program (taught by Emarae Garcia and Shane Yanosky) learned about crime scene investigation and forensic science today with instruction from three Montrose Police Detectives. Students came to the library and found a "dead body" (known as Anna) in a staged crime scene, replete with evidence to be examined.

Montrose Detectives showed students how to document evidence, from fingerprints to measuring body position to photographing evidence. Later in the week, students will learn from the Deputy Coroner about the next stage of crime scene investigation, and what the body of Anna itself can tell us about the cause of death. Then, for the rest of the school year, students will learn a wide range of knowledge and skills that will aid in discovering Anna's cause of death.

Below are photos of the staged "crime scene" just before students arrived to investigate. Check back soon for a video of the Biomedical students in action, working to solve the case! Stay tuned . . .

Mr. Yanosky's students gather evidence:

Careful not to contaminate the crime scene, students take measurements for a sketched diagram.

Getting their hands dirty, students learn how to fingerprint.

Students learn how to photograph evidence from a variety of angles.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

Peak Virtual Academy Junior Sam Green Wins 2018 ArcGIS Online Mapping Contest

Congratulations to Sam Green of Peak Virtual Academy, the 2018 ArcGIS Online Mapping Contest Colorado State winner! MCSD is very proud of your accomplishment, which took dedication, hard work and lots of problem-solving!

Sam Green, a junior at Peak Academy has won the 2018 ArcGIS Online Mapping Contest for US high school students for Colorado. Sam’s entry titled “Riparian Restoration Management Plan” was submitted to the State Leadership Team for judging. The five best submissions are recognized by the State and the best of those five moves on to compete in the National Competition. Sam’s work was chosen to represent Colorado versus twenty seven other States.

Check out Sam's ArcGIS Story Map

For Sam to successfully complete this STEM/Problem Based Learning initiative special thanks goes out to:

The students at Peak Academy that helped do research and collect data. The staff and administration of Peak Academy. Their help creating the time and resources needed for implementing this STEM/PBL was essential.

The Montrose County School District. Their commitment to STEM and Problem Based Learning Initiatives made all of this possible. Without this directive this would not have happened.

Our Community Partners:
The 3M Corporation – They supplied funding via a 3M EcoGrant
Justin Musser – Montrose County Ecological Services Manager
David Sinton – BLM GIS Specialist
Lisa Goetsch – Montrose County GIS Coordinator
Dr. Phillip Crossley – Western State Colorado University
Dr. Tammy Parece – Colorado Mesa University
Dr. John McGee – Virginia Tech
And everyone else that offered advice and technical expertise on how to not only build the story map but design and implement the management plan.

Check out the Montrose Daily Press article below:

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Overview

A Career and Technical Education (CTE) overview from the Colorado Community College System:

Montrose County School District offers a wide variety of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, including:

Montrose High School:
Family & Consumer Science
Food Science Dietetics & Nutrition
Work Experience Studies
Agricultural Education
Automotive Technology
Business Education
Construction Technologies
Design & Visual Communications

Olathe High School:
Construction Trades
Business Education
Agricultural Education

For more information, please contact

Also, check out this CTE 101 video from

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

MCSD PBL Institute August 2018

MCSD will host a PBL Institute for Johnson, Cottonwood, Pomona and Oak Grove Elementary Schools August 21st - August 23rd

Northside and Olathe Elementary Schools will participate in PBL Institute 2.0

The PBL Institute will be held at the Montrose County Event Center

mindSpark Learning will partner with MCSD and will deliver a Keynote address on the August 21st to kick off the institute.

On Day 1, participants will learn about the Problem-based Learning and Design Thinking processes; in the afternoon, participants will rotate through three breakout sessions on Panel Presentations, Technology, and Identifying Problems and Linking to Standards.

On Day 2, participants will experience the PBL Process by working on an authentic, real-world local problem and presenting solutions to a panel.

On Day 3, participants will pitch their own PBL ideas and receive feedback before planning their PBL Lesson Plan for the 18-19 academic year.

Questions may be emailed to either or

August 2018 Colorado STEM Magazine

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Centennial Middle School's Engineering Showcase Spring 2018

Check out Centennial Middle School's Engineering Showcase video below:

Special thanks to Meghan Waschbusch and Chris Thompson
Video produced by John Steele
May 2018